A Sarasota County Home Watch Service

While Your Away

Exterior Inspection

  • Conduct a thorough and complete visual inspection of overall condition of the exterior of your home
  • Ensure that the lawn is being properly cared for and notify you of any issue that needs attention
  • Note the condition of the lawn, bushes and plants around the outside of the home for signs of disease
  • Inspect for any signs of attempted entry, vandalism, etc.
  • Check the front entry way for any notices, publications, leaflets and remove them
  • Check the front entry way for light debris and clear it away
  • Look for cracks (settling) in walkway - driveway
  • Check mailbox for mail and either put inside the house or send to you according to your preferences
  • Inspect the Lanai, Patio area around the pool (if applicable) for mildew and mold
  • Check Lanai - Patio Pool screen enclosures for holes or damage
  • Check windows that entrance doors for any sign of damage
  • Perform any additional task according to your preference


Licensed, Bonded, and Insured


  Phone 941.893.7708 

Email: AmericanShieldHW@gmail.com