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A Sarasota County Home Watch Service

While your Away

(Interior Inspection)

  • During every inspection of your home we deactivate and activate the security system and make sure it is functioning properly
  • Turn on the main supply of water and flush all toilets and run water through all faucets
  • Visually inspect all windows and exit doors to make sure they are intact and secure
  • Inspect Panty and kitchen cabinets for any signs of pest activity 
  • Check for leaks underneath kitchen and bathroom cabinets
  • Look for any obvious signs of mildew in all rooms
  • Visually check the ceiling for any signs of leakage
  • Check Thermostat temperature to make sure it is maintaining proper temperature and then lower the temperature and check for cold air
  • Check for telephone dial tone if available
  • Inspect the main circuit panel for any tripped breakers
  • Check washing machine and dishwasher hose for any signs of leakage
  • Take digital pictures of the interior of your home should we find something that you need to be aware of
  • Reset the alarm and secure the front door.
  • Perform any additional tasks as requested.